“Surrounded by brokenness, I felt the difference

I shed my armor declaring I was a survivor and walked naked into a new hope

Only then did I become a thriver.”



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A portion of the proceeds will go to The Safe Harbor Crisis Center, which provides shelter and services for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors in Utah.





Broken No More is my journey of breaking through dissociative amnesia hiding severe child abuse, how it affected my life, and the ways I achieved deep healing.

Sandi Rytting, a middle-aged mother of five, has overcome the anxiety and depression that have plagued her life to discover peace and happiness until her attacks of paralysis return with a vengeance that puts her in a wheelchair within weeks. Doctors can’t find the cause while her body continues to deteriorate, leaving her bedridden and dying while her youngest children are sent to live with other family. Fighting against the grim prognosis of experts, Sandi uses alternative care practices and her faith in God to regain her ability to walk and restore her health.

With better health than she’s had in decades, Sandi begins an internal journey that brings her to the brink of a different type of death when she breaks through dissociative amnesia hiding child abuse. As flashbacks pull out new memories Sandi discovers not only severe child sexual abuse, but ritual abuse and torture that shred her religion, her faith in God, and even her personality. Piece by piece, Sandi must rebuild her past, her present, and create a healthy future full of possibility until in the end, she becomes Broken No More.

As a survivor of severe childhood sexual abuse and ritual abuse as well as an abusive first marriage, I know firsthand the struggles of overcoming abuse. I spent years trying every therapy I could find to relieve the seemingly bottomless pit of anger and pain I dealt with. I journeyed from victim to survivor and finally to thriver. Now I help others become thrivers as well.

My passion is to speak out for victims of sexual abuse in any of its forms as well as educate to prevent further victimization, particularly of children. I am the founder of Rise to Thrive, where we empower abuse survivors to achieve deep and lasting healing. I am also passionate about advocating for those with disabilities, speaking, and writing my own books of both fiction and non-fiction. I am a writing coach at Calliope Writing Coach and on the team that runs the Calliope Writer’s Conferences and Retreats run by New York Times bestselling author and coach Angie Fenimore.

I live near Salt Lake City, Utah with my husband, children, and a beautiful red goldendoodle named Ginger. I have been published in two books, one newspaper, and am currently working on four books. My mom says I live life with my hair on fire. My writing coach says I choose to do hard things to make the world a better place. My husband says I can do anything I set my mind to. That translates into a busy, yet incredibly fulfilling life. One I wouldn’t trade for anything.