You know, I thought my kids were old enough I wouldn’t have to walk in to scenes like this anymore. Nope.

This was the epiphany moment when I realized that these months of frustration with Kayli reminded me of the time before she was put on medication for her ADHD. The herbal supplements we had been trying for the last 3 months weren’t helping.

How did I not notice it earlier? I thought she was struggling with coming home after living with my brother for 6 months. I thought she was bored because she is very outgoing and has a mommy that can’t go anywhere. I thought she was struggling getting used to a new school year.

Nope, she was struggling because she couldn’t focus without her meds. I looked at that and mentally slapped my palm to my forehead. Without the meds she can’t focus enough to draw a picture or put legos together- she’d hardly done those things in the previous months.

Just the day before she had sprayed Pam cooking spray all over the floors (and her brother). She wouldn’t do her chores- more signs. It was like I needed a neon sign to finally get through to me. Poor girl. Time to get her some more medication!

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Bucket List: Corvette



For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to ride in a Corvette. It’s been sitting on my bucket list for years and years. As you know, Chad tried to make it happen on my 40th and we ended up deciding to simply sit in a 2014 Corvette Stingray which was amazing as well.

However, one of the owners of Affinity Auto where we bought my van and Chad’s new car had this beauty sitting inside his showroom and offered to let us take it out so I could scratch it off my list. He practically insisted- as if I need to be pushed! (Of course I was playing it super cool while I jumped up and down inside.)

Today was the day!!! It was even more amazing than I imagined!


 This was the view from where I was sitting- which totally doesn’t do the experience justice. We were cruising along with the wind in my hair, some classic rock spilling out into the air, and the seat hugging me.

This was the view from my “window” with no roof to obscure the beautiful sky. While I might never own my own Corvette, my dream of owning a convertible was re-instilled with even more fervor than before!

I smiled so big and so much that my cheeks hurt by the time we got back to the dealership. We got to cruise around for a sublime half hour. I soaked up every single second.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Devon for letting us go out for a spin!!!!

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